Income Disclosure

Income Disclosure

For the excellent service in the Social Media marketplace, we serve our members with an exciting Compensation Plan. It is reward for selling the products and services online and sponsoring the other members who do the same. As every person vary in their sale skills and commitment levels so does the individual results. But the opportunity is unlimited to help you and praise you for your efforts.

We are a recently launched base, so we have a limited statistical data to help you with the disclosure of the income, but we do have some estimation prepared for your information and reliability. A more accurate survey will soon be out after we will complete our first year in this industry.

After studying the company projections and taking in consideration the industry standards we have estimated that the Average Gross Income that our digital partners earn is close to $800 to $3,000. Some of our partners may have earned less or more than this, but they do get the best depending on their skills. Thus, we are very confident that the Yesbook Compensation Plan will help you acquire a solid base and achieve you independent financial goals.

We are very excited for Yesbook Compensation Plan and want to tell you that success with Yesbook is only possible through hard work, dedication, and leadership.

Prior to your enrollment if you were presented with some income projections or data, such projections are not related to the income that you can or will earn after joining the Compensation Plan. So please do not consider those stats or income projections as guarantee of your profit and earnings.

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